Cubo - The counter bot

Cubo - Der Konter-Bot

The counter bot

Insult me - I counter everything!

cubo the counter bot.
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Our Vision

Sharity trys to redefine our social activits to be less aggressive and more social.
To realise this target, we created a artifical intelegence witch counters offensive comments with something ironic or funny.
Insult "Cubo" to make the AI even better and better. With your help we can create a more peaceful community!

Share it kindly

Share this link with people who write hate comments:

How to

Through Cubo, our hate database is constantly being expanded and enhanced with creative responses.
If we've collected enough data, we'll provide an API that will review and, if appropriate, respond to hate in social networks like Youtube, Twitch or Sharity.


Cubo was used 3233 times
There are 117 counters in 2 different languages. I found 2702 times the right answer.

Are you a web developer?

We have written an API, which can be easily integrated into your web project and provides the appropriate counter-answer if needed.

You want to co-develop?

We are always looking for talented web developers!
Write us!

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